Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LITnIMAGE: from "tides" to "transcend"

"LITnIMAGE features art in the here and now. We like art that's edgy, that has yet to be labeled or attributed to a movement. We embrace thought-provoking work that causes viewers to broaden the way they see and feel. We enjoy work that guides and challenges our ideals. Content is significant; aesthetics follows its lead. LITnIMAGE recognizes not only the skill and creativity of artists, but the time and hardships they undertake to wake their audience. We're proud to spotlight the results of their efforts."

some submissions are easy. you see, you send, you get accepted, the work goes online. some are more complex. like LITnIMAGE. i had the link noted since a while, and came back to it after a collage-session with Steve Wing. we had 3 collages, each of them following 1 theme: "tides", "growth" and "microstructures". we thought they would make a real good series, and submitted them.

some days later, i wasn't so sure about the series anymore - the images felt a bit too diverse. plus, i was working on the shortcuts/detours issue of bluerprintreview, and had just received an invasive life question poem - and felt, "growth" would be the perfect match for it.

then litnimage wrote back, with an acceptance for "tides", a pass for "growth" and "microstructures", and the invitation to send some more images.

that's how things started to fall in place.

"growth" became part of the shortcuts issue, it's up here: "Invasion".

"tides" turned into the base for a series of black-white collages in which Steve and i experimented with different approaches of combining 2-3 photos. the full series we came up with consists of 6 images, which are all online now in the summer issue of LITnIMAGE, here the direct link:
tides / latitude / constructures / drift / transcend / merge

looking at it now, i am really glad that litnimage didn't accept the first collage series, and instead asked for something different - which let this series come together. my personal favourite is: "Transcend".

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Mel Bosworth said...

Congrats. Amazing work. I enjoy them all, but I'll have to agree that "transcend" is my personal favorite too.