Friday, August 7, 2009

unfilmable color herons

some noteworthy links of this week:

WIRED tries to figure out which unfilmable books and comic will be turned into films next. the picturesque article and a vote, here: "After Watchmen, what's 'Unfilmable'?"

YATZER comes with text-portraits, landscape-art and with a curious question: "What is your Favorite Color and Why?"- scroll down to the bottom of the page for the colorful answers.

FOLDED WORD turned Mel Bosworth's short story "Leave Me As I Lessen" into a Heron mini-mag .. and left it in public places. the story in audio - including heron stops - in a youtube-clip, here: Launching Heron.


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Mel Bosworth said...

many thanks for the nod, dorothee.

love to you.