Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wheelhouse: underwater / oranges / smiling land

in March, i worked on some collaborate visuals with Jeff Crouch.
3 of them are now up in Wheelhouse Issue 8:

- Smiling Land
- Underwater
- Confiture d'Oranges (the one above)

some notes on the process:

"the 'Oranges' and 'Smiling' images are morphs, extreme morphs at that, which means I find an image (or make one) and morph it into something as completely abstract as I like." - Jeff

"i now returned to "underwater", and tried a new version, including german terms: "wasser" is german for "water", and "farbe" is german for "colour". i hadn't noticed before that "farbe" cuts into 2 english words nicely: "far" - "be". - Dorothee


and here, some notes on Wheelhouse:

What is The Wheelhouse Arts Collective, anyway?
The Wheelhouse Arts Collective is what it sounds like: a collection of wayward artists, many of whom are progressive activists, labor unionists, and dilettantes, stuck inside the cramped confines of a seafaring vessel's main cabin. Luckily, we have a steering wheel, some windows, and a compass. We know where we're going: towards land, specifically a land where art is defetishized (not appreciated but wrestled with) and politics is a civic duty, where the New Yorker is not the arbiter of literary history (and no, it's not necessarily Canada).

Wheelhouse also just published a press anthology: "Activism & The Avant-Garde"


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