Tuesday, August 11, 2009

words / passing

sometimes words connect in almost magic chain reactions. like this one:

3 weeks ago, i was about to turn off the computer at the end of some work sessions, then browsed the list of updated blogs for an evening read, and saw the marked line of the quarrtsiluni economy issue (which i follow closely since Dealing, curious for all the different turns this theme takes). plus, the new entry seemed to fit the mood: Evening. by Angela Koh.

it wasn't what i had in mind at all for a leisure evening read. but it caught me right away, and went under my skin. i read it 2 times, 3 times, then followed Angela Koh's blog link, and bookmarked it.

fast forward to last week: during a coffee break, i browsed bookmarked blogs.. and came across a post that amazed me. it's title: Superhuman. at first i couldn't remember how i came across this blog in the first place. then i saw the quarrstiluni link, and things clicked.

now, 2 mails later, Superhuman is up in just a moment. i also added some labels - one of them is "time". curious (as ever) for other j.a.m.-posts that would come up with it, i clicked "time" after i applied it. and words connected.

turns out, time now moves from one road trip to another, connecting in two lines about ghosts that almost read like a time mirror reflection:

The past and their spirits, the precursor staring wearily at the future generation that drives by on bald tires. The feared world they must have left. I wanted to make them proud.

ghosts of passing cars, flaky and white in soundwaves uninvited to a melancholy willing
to remain like all the wrong memories that litter the floor with half-empty coffee cups

here the direct link to the connection in time.

(and yes. it's things like this that get me through days like this. now, back to the 42 things that still wait to get done today.)


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