Monday, October 5, 2009

blueprintreview --> #22 --> #23

just 2-3 more days, then the "reprints" issue of blueprintreview will go live. it's the twenty-second issue of blueprintreview. and the following issue now took a first shape, too - since around issue 18, i always try to get the submission page for the following issue together, so that the theme and dates get spread with the going live.

the good thing was that i received 2 submissions for the reprints issue that both were great stories, but weren't really fitting into the issue, especially as they weren't previously published online / or at all. maybe... i thought. and had a second look, trying to find a theme that both would match. that's how the idea for issue 23 surfaced: "(dis)comfort zones". and so reassuring, to have the #23 file started already, instead of moving from going live to a blank page.

the submission page is already up here:
"Call for Submissions: BluePrintReview #23 - (dis)comfort zones"


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