Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dogzplot Magazine: The Alpha and Omega of Now

i'm still not sure where the idea to alpha/omega actually was coming from. the thing started with a 5-word mail from Jeff Crouch: "Hi dorothee-- Material for you."

the material were 8 images. most were multi-techno-color. one, (#03), was black and white. and induced this alpha-beta-gamma-string. once started, it was hard to stop. in 2 erratic leaps, the visual came together, the color set induced by the technocolor-images of the initial file. then we looked for a fitting place. and i remembered those lines:

DOGZPLOT is what the description says, erratic, so send us precise, playful, honest, original, disgraceful, hopelessly optimistic, dirty, beautiful, ugly, thoroughly proofread, over the top writing. So don't send us the good stuff. Send us something that will blow our fucking minds.

so we did. and it fitted. and is up on the cover page now: The Alpha and Omega and Now.

it's intriguing to see the visual there, in such good fictional company, and with the technocolors crossing into the magazine layout. there also is another of our collaborate visuals included in the Dogzplot issue: "Neurotically in Zero Land".

(thinking of it, maybe Jeff and i should return to that initial file, and start off with a colored image in the next step).

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