Wednesday, October 7, 2009

blueprintreview #22 is up!

the new issue of blueprintreview is online, it's the one that is consisting entirely of pre-published pieces. the official theme, derived from the pre-published approach: 're /visit /cycle /turn'.

memoirs, i expected. abroad and home reflections. stories of recycled goods.

the first submissions pointed at a slightly larger take, leading from "Antibodies" to "dying for answers" and to the quizzical question: "How to Describe Eternity." the following submissions, almost in answer, delivered an Insight, Fragments, and - The Birth of the Universe.

the reflections and abroad clues arrived, too, yet in a way i hadn't foreseen: a mail conversation about shut-down e-magazines induced a tour through internet archives, and brought lost magazines back to the web. and the longlist of marked submissions brought the idea to put a page with memorable further reads together, something that usually isn't possible.

another highlight of this issue: the artwork. some of the image titles almost form a poem -

Blue Radiant / Corridors
a new day / untitled
sequestered / rezonation
Dusk / A Wing We Saw

- and the images themselves are beyond words.

to sum it up: if this issue had a subtitle, it probably would be: "re/view re/joice re/collect."

here the direct link into the re/zone:
blueprintreview #22: re /visit /cycle /turn.

enjoy the retrospective ~

PS: another novelty: there is an extra page with notes on the process, collected while working on the reprint issue: "Some Aspects of Reprints". like the whole issue, this page turned larger and more compex than expected first.


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