Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fictionaut: almost a still life + en/core

seems like the re/visiting theme of the current BluePrintReview issue is now also influencing my own work. a bit earlier in November, i returned to "almost a still life", a poem that is 'orphaned' since the magazine that published it closed down. the basic plan i had was to go ahead and copy and paste it, and put it up in Fictionaut. turned out, the still life kept me moving the lines. with the help of some other fictionauts (thanks Susan + Walter), it finally found its new shape, it's up here now: almost a still life.

and in a kind of déjà-vue (or is that déjà-re/vise then?), something similar happened yesterday. i revisited a poem that once was up in 'Zygote in my Coffee' - and then started to tinker with the lines and the layout. this time, the poem even changed titles, and morphed from "El Color de la Mirada" to "en/core".

good that i still have the Zygote screenshot - it's so interesting, to see the 2 different versions of the poem next to each other. the new version is now up in Fictionaut: "en/core".

(oh, and wow. Zygote is still brewing. and has archives up, too. so the original is still around, somewhere. nice. will look for the link. ---> update: here it is: El Color de La Mirada)

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