Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fictionaut: "Sliver" + recommended: "Three"

"Sliver", the dream story that got published in "Mel Bosworth Reads Things" as video is now also up as text in Fictionaut, here the link: "Sliver".

and more Fictionaut news: my short story "Three" from last weekend made it into the recommended reads on the frontpage, and into the newsletter. such a good surprise. but even better than the rankings is the community feeling, and the feedback, like this one, for "Three": "it's like a minimalist donnie darko." -- or this one, which arrived today for the first story i put online in Fictionaut, "The End of Février": "This is like a film clip of the inner workings of the mind of an idiot savant. So precise and desperate. Psychological realism at its finest."

will go now for a round of reading and sending feedback, too.

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