Sunday, December 6, 2009

BluePrintReview contributor twitter list

twitter comes with a fancy feature: lists. they merge tweets from several sources. (to see the list, you have to be registered at twitter, but don't have to be active or add anything).

i now started a list with tweets from BluePrintReview contributors and related literary journals. the list is following 32 feeds so far, i will keep adding feeds.

here the link: twitter/BluePrintReview/list

(and yes. i am now finally on twitter, too: DorotheeLang).


Mel Bosworth said...

heyyyy,that's kind of slick. i was wondering about the "lists" feature....look at you go, Lang. Look at you go.

Dorothee Lang said...

hey Mel!

i was wondering about lists, too - the explanation twitter gives has the focus on 'organizing': "Lists. A great way to organize the people you follow and discover new and interesting accounts."

then i noticed that BluePrintReview is on a couple of lists - and went to have a look at those lists. that's how things clicked.

Dorothee Lang said...

this is hilarious.

it's possible to add about EVERY possible tweet to the BluePrintReview-twitter-list - except for the BluePrintReview tweet. how's that for a sunday joke?

Mel Bosworth said...

twitter is silly. fun and silly.