Monday, December 7, 2009

Melusine: The Wheel Underneath the Sky

one of my photos from London is up in Melusine: The Wheel Underneath the Sky. (click it to get a full view).

interesting characteristic of Melusine: they combine an image with different texts. in the link above, "The Wheel Underneath the Sky" is paired with Rachel Barenblat's poem "Vessel" (which came as one of this suprise web coincidences: one of Rachel's photos is up in the current issue of BluePrintReview, and is also related to 'sky': Morningstar.)

about the photo: i took this picture while sitting on a round bench, not far from the Underground station "Old Street". the bench was a rather artistic bench with a surface that mirrored the sky. originally, i submitted 2 photos to Melusine, a blue-sky version of the mirror-photo, and a tinted stairway photo, in a mini-series named "Distance to destination". Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, the Melusine editor, focused on the mirror-photo, and suggested to try a tinted version of it: and out came "The Wheel Underneath the Sky".

another good coincidence: Steve Wing is included in Melusine, too, with the photo: "Dark as a Chimney" - here combined with one of the poems that stunned (stung) me: Catherine Daly / Bee Superstitions.


Dorothee Lang said...

here some of the other issue pages featuring "The Wheel":
- "Floaters" / Andrea Carlisle,
- "Bathing in Forest Dusk" / Diane Lockward,
- "A Rocky Shelf" / Diane Glancy.

Rose Hunter said...

I like this. I kept wanting to turn it over, as I was staring at it. It kind of makes you spin. Nice!

Thanks for mentioning YB below.