Thursday, December 3, 2009

a quiet skin, continued

some hours later: i returned to the "quiet skin" poem again, and then googled Laurie Sheck, to find more of her work-- and came across an interview with her. so interesting:

"How does a mind move, and how do you capture that on paper, how does a poem become a living thing? I think of poems as nervous systems, and if you think of a nervous system, it transmits energy, it’s full of synapses, surges, faltering, rushes, smoothnesses, volatility, balance, imbalance, rhythms, and of responsiveness, calm, retreat, and emergency. How do you find a form for that? That interests me."

and this:

"Although I didn’t 'know' what I wanted to do—when you write a book you create a space that you wander around in."

here, the interview link: Laurie Sheck by Susan Wheeler.

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