Saturday, January 23, 2010

Peter Adolphsen - Machine (Das Herz des Urpferds)

"Danish writer Adolphsen has crafted a strange little novel about the action of science on our lives and the cold comfort understanding that science brings: Machine." (link)

something to that extent said a review i once came across in a german journal. when i saw the author name on a book cover in the library, i thought this is another of his novels. well. turned out, it's the Machine novel, with a weird german title translation that moves it towards romance: "The Heart of the First Horse" - and with a very different cover than the original book. here the danish cover: Machine.

as to the read - fascinating in places, but with a cold undertone throughout the book. not sure if science and the understanding it brings really holds that much comfort. seen like that, the cover that came closest for me from mood is the english one: Machine.

(and following up on the ?lines: this is another case of repetition in different worlds).

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