Thursday, February 18, 2010

Simon Beckett: The Chemistry of Death

the current (dis)comfort zone of blueprintreview focuses on serial killers, in a story and a poem (more, here). to follow this theme in a novel, i now read Simon Beckett’s thriller "Die Chemie des Todes" (The Chemistry of Death). it's one of this winter’s bestsellers in germany. it starts with an analyzis of the processes that kick in after a human body dies. that's also how the book got its title: the main character is a forensic specialist, dating death by the chemistry of human remains. the book itself is one cruel thrill ride, especially as almost all victims are women.

after finishing the book (i didn't read it all, after the first 200 pages i just browsed, and read the end), i picked up a graphic novel for some colored entertainment: "Thessaly" by Bill Willingham and Shawn McManus. -- the cover, cute, on first glance. but take a closer look - the girl's a witch (here the full cover). and now guess who appears in chapter 2 of Thessaly? yes. a serial killer.

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