Friday, March 26, 2010

2 secrets to success

today, i came across 2 secrets to successful books. they both were up in the web, so, not that secret. they couldn't be more different:

Secret 1
includes 6 easy steps. the first being: "First, all you have to do is have a great idea..."
to complete all 6 steps, you might need a couple of year, some dedication etc. easy.
the whole secret, here: The Secret to Success / Cliff Garstang, Perpetual Folly blog

don't have the years and the dedication? and no experience and idea either?
no problem.

there always is..
Secret 2
takes just 10 days, or less. and earns you 100% guaranteed 1000$ minimum etc etc etc
that's what the mail from World Freelance Writer promised.
all you need is to buy a book named "The 10-Day E-Book". it costs an easy 105$. it's not up in Amazon. the website that advertises it is about 3 feet long. it reads like a satire. from the 10 days, exactly 1 is planned for "free"writing the book, with this key advice: "The best way to write your e-book in the least possible time - using "freewriting" - all based on proven psychological principles."
my guess: another word for this secret might be .. scam.
if you really want to take a look, here the page - again, beware, this is a scam: if you scroll to the very bottom, you find this 9 little words in the footnote: "Guaranteed outcome may not be typical. Read our disclaimer."

the whole thing is set in HongKong. a nice distance away for any complaints / refunds.

thinking of it, i guess i should send this to Writer Beware Blog.

but i also wanted to add a link that is more on the real side, a blog note that is related to secret 1: Years and Years - this is from September 2008, about the long time overnight success often takes, with a note from a literary agent who writes about a vampire story that was little-known for a couple of years until it turnd into a Twilight bestseller.

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