Tuesday, March 23, 2010

going bananas, now and then

there is a new theme challenge up in fictionaut: "April Fool's Day" - write a story that includes the words “just kidding”.

it seems these days, the things that pull me to write or put a submission togehter are theme issues or challenges. for fictionaut especially, i find myself drawn to the theme challenge, ever since that fictionaut story challenge that included the “lowing cows”, which then lead to a star fish colony. and the Valentine's Massacre Challenge, that lead to my first valentine poem: "lent".

and like with the lowing cows, i first thought of skipping the Fool’s challenge, but then i remembered this monkey story from ages ago, published in 10.000 Monkeys. and returned to it this weekend. read it. and then started to revise, and to polish it. now it's out there again, bushy tail and wild ride and all: Going Bananas (April Fool's Challenge)

today, i went to look for the original version - the 10.000 Monkeys aren't online anymore, but i have copied the page back then, and now could upload it again, the layout came out without flaws, here it is: Going Bananas, original version.

what i really like about fictionaut is the way it makes me return to older works that otherwise would keep hibernating in offline or forgotten files.
and here, some additional links:
- the guidelines + stories so far of the April Fool's Challenge
- my first valentine poem: "lent"
- the lowing cows / star fish story: "Colony"

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