Tuesday, March 30, 2010

virtual bookshelf

throughout 2009, i kept a virtual bookshelf as part of this blog, with pictures of the books i read, and some notes and quotes (here the link: bookshelf). one of the reasons for the virtual shelf: i love libraries, and so a lot of the books i read are just here for a little while - and the bookshelf was a way to 'keep' them, even after returning them to the library.

now, with Daily s-Press up and moving, i realized it would be a bit too much to keep the bookshelf, too. and there are books that were here, but never made it into the shelf: books that i only dipped into, or started, then postponed, thinking i will borrow them later again. plus, there are comics and magazines..

i thought of this yesterday, and then tried a different solution to both keep and let go of the books i had here: collages. above is the first, it includes:

- 4poets, an exceptional poetry collection (will write an extra post for this)
- Zeit literature, a literature special, in celebration of the Leipzig book fair
- Brückenschläge, before-after-reunion-portraits of authors who live(d) in the east of germany
- Witchblade, a good-and-evil graphic novel

and now.. on to Daily s-Press to put the next feature online.

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