Sunday, April 11, 2010

Famous Album Covers: "onyx: chiller"

"Some of the most famous album covers you have never seen" - that's the tagline of Famous Album Covers, a web project run by Jeff Crouch, who invited me to contribute. i now added a new album to the collection: "onyx: chiller".

the idea for this album surfaced last month, when i worked on a text-based visual and started to play with classic and new fonts: onyx times bell algerian chiller elephant bookshelf ...

the play with fonts, it made me think: fonts are something that surround us, like characters of text, but often they remain unnamed. there are so many fonts. and a text looks so different in different fonts.

this is my first "solo" album. there also are 2 "group" albums withs me as band member:

in a nice coincidence of theme, Photo Friday's is running an "Overcast" photo challenge this week - so "onyx: chiller" gets to play there, too.

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Karyn said...

Congrats on your first solo album! I'd like to go solo myself, but I need some lyrics ...