Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The New Yorker: Castle of Words

what a week. after all the postponed flight plans, i now chanced upon the news that one of my travel photos made it into the New Yorker. nothing big, but there it is, included in their 1,000 Words blog series:

The New Yorker book bench - 1,000 Words: Castle of Words

the idea of the 1,000 Words blog series is to feature "great images of books around the world and the Web" - i came across the series start of April, and sent an image there, from the visit to the British Library, from my trip to London last summer.

if you ever are in London, make sure to stop at the Library: they have an amazing showroom with historic books and a piazza with a terrace cafe named "The Last Word", the statue of Newton is there, too. the whole library is in a new, modern building, its centre part is the "King's Library Tower" - that's where i took the photo that now is part of their book series.

some additional links:
- blog note from that day: London - streets and words
- wiki page with images: British Library
- homepage: British Library
- series link: The New Yorker book bench series - 1,000 Words

what a funky start to the day :)


t said...

Congratulations! That is an impressive picture. :)

Rose Hunter said...


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Dorothee Lang said...

thanks for the congrats!

i still remember standing in front of the book tower. there was something magic about all those books.

i'm just happy the photo came out the way it did. what a great travel side effect.

Lou said...

Very cool!

Diana said...

how fantastic--and how fitting. There is something awe inspiring about the British Library.