Saturday, April 24, 2010


saturday. and i am packing bags. when all works out, i will be in mallorca tomorrow this time, and the journey that was cancelled last saturday will happen after all, after this delayed week.

and how beautiful this delay now had been. it had brought so many moments i otherwise would have missed: the opening of the tulips. the time spent with my parents, now as my father had his (also postponed) hip operation on monday. the daytrip to lake constance. the publication in the New Yorker blog. the work on a manuscript that had been sitting in a drawer, waiting for a week like this.

"Every delay is for the best," a friend wrote 2 years ago, after another trip had to be postponed due to a winter storm. it's difficult to reach out to this viewpoint at first, but this week turned into another example of the benefits and blessings of delays. just like Daniela's comment in the "cancelled" blog post suggested it already: "sorry to hear about the interrupted plans. sometimes these are the moments when something happens that would not have otherwise. And later you see it as a blessing. hope this is the case here."

and now to come: Mallorca. with sunny weather. i will have the laptop with me, and wifi, so will post from the island.

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daniela elza said...

hope you have a wonderful time.