Monday, May 17, 2010

HA&L: 2 visuals "Repetition" + "Wiederkunft"

since 2008, Jeff Crouch and i collaborated on several series of poster poems: visuals that celebrate language, often seeking to express it in bilingual parallel.

a new pair of visuals now is up hamilton arts & letters issue three.1:
- Life as a Repetition
- Ewige Wiederkunft des Gleichen

you also can click on the [ >>>>Forward] field (below the images, right side). it will take you from one visual to the next, and on, and on, and on, and on.

in between the on and on, you can click on the name link (a bit further below, left side), it will take you to this artists' note:

The visuals "Life as a Repetition" and "Ewige Wiederkunft des Gleichen" are contemplations on two statements - one from George Santayana, the other from Søren Kierkegaard - which both address the repetitive character of life and history.

an additional note: "Ewige Wiederkunft des Gleichen" is German, and means: "Everlasting Return of the Same". and for the meaning of "bio", return to the name link, and read the words next to the names. hadn't known this. love it.

which just adds to to this suggestion: while there, make sure to check out the whole HA&L issue, it is quite fabulous and varied and made to get lost and found in it. here the link: the spring issue 2010 of HA&L.

and for some more poster poems by DL+JC, try this: "the alpha and omega of now" or this: "word of the year".


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