Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vote for 3Cheers: (t)here

in April, one of the shortest stories i wrote so far went live in PicFic, Folded Word's experimental journal for short short fiction:

She gets up early, her thoughts light and raw. They have coffee. She wonders how her life would have been, here, as their daughter.

now Folded Word launched their new 3Cheers-contest - and (t)here is one of the 3 nominated short fictions! the great thing about the 3Cheers is that it really is a celebration of short forms: the 3 winning texts will be transformed into a (short) video. and of course, i'd love to see my words starting to move on a screen.

so if you have a (short) moment, click the link and vote (until 26th June):
Vote for 3Cheers Sprint 2010

and if you want to read a bit more about (t)here, here's a note: (t)here.

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