Saturday, July 3, 2010

currently reading... Nin+Nan + Tulum

currently reading... two delicious books that both play with the (sur)reality of fiction:

  • The Unwelcome Guest + Nin and Nan by Eckhard Gerdes (recently featured in Daily s-Press, here more).
  • the second book is a graphic novel by Milo Manara: "Die Reise nach Tulum" ("Journey to Tulum" - looks like there is no English edition) - the story is based onbased on an unrealized film idea of Federico Fellini, who also appears in the story.

both include stories inside the main story, and also have comments on the work itself included in a metalevel that is stitched into the main story, too. here 2 quotes:

"I am not sure now if this is reality or a film." - "But films are reality. At least for us, ha!" (from Tulum)

"Turn off the soap opera. I hear you. But you know, life does actually contain sopa opera moments and corny moments and why not include them? To not do so is to oversimplify life." (from The Unwelcome Guest)

and in a perfect overlap of format, the Unwelcome Visitor moves to graphic novel for 10 pages, too: "And so we changed, adapted."

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