Wednesday, July 14, 2010

paper mail

there's such joy in receiving printed stories with paper mail. yesterday "The White Road" by Tania Hershman arrived, it's the first book i've won in an online contest - i'm reading another book right now, but just had to open it and read a first story. it's an amazing book, i will write more when i read more - here the book webpage link, it includes an excerpt: The White Road.

and in parallel mail news, the postcard Karyn and i pieced together in Vienna and sent to Rose in Mexico now finally arrived, a picture of it is up in Rose's blog - it's the yellow chameleon art postcard in the upper left corner. (not that it would be easy to miss).

and in yet more paper mail news, i received a funky folded card from Folded Word (it joins the road in the picture above) -- and i am working on the blueprintpress micro novels, and mailed the proof copies to Nora in Cyprus and Mike in Colorado this morning. such a beautiful project, very different from online editorial work - next week, the covers will go online. (here's more on the micro novels).


Jessie Carty said...

i still love when the mail comes even more than email. poor mailman probably thinks I am stalking him :)

Dorothee Lang said...

real mail is something beautiful. i have the feelig it might turn into a retro-trend :)