Saturday, July 24, 2010

qarrtsiluni: Salve, Constantia

qarrtsiluni is still playing "New Classics", and i have a second picture included there: "Salve, Constantia". this submission was inspired by the first photo i submitted to the issue - a photo from London, with a multi-epoch-facaded, which went online already: "Coptic Pizzeria"

following that, i remembered a second facade photo this is from the town “Konstanz” at the lakeside of Lake Constance. the history of the town reaches back to Roman times (back then, the settlement was named Constantia) – these roots are still visible on the old town hall, which is richly painted with historic scenes, some look almost like fables, and in one place, there is the historic Roman greeting included: “Salve”.

here the link: Salve, Constantia (the full image is up here: Constantia full size)

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