Monday, July 26, 2010

stories: "White" + "Slices" + more to come

recently i joined "A Year of Flash", to get back to flash writing. this now lead to the first 2 stories:
  • Slices - a story from Berlin - that's also where the photo is from, a view of Brandenburger Gate (which was closed off during the time of the wall) and the Funkturm (in Berlin East, it is next to Alexanderplatz), both seen from the street of 17th June (which belongs to Berlin West, the street name is a dedication to the uprising of the East Berliners on 17 June 1953 -wiki-link).
    this story was induced by the theme: "Red Meat" (max 25o words)
  • White - this is really just a slightly subversive little flash story that plays with the situation of a psychological test, i thought first. but the more i think of it, the more layers this story has. in some ways, it even is a reflection on the whole idea of flash group writing: there's a weekly theme, and then 20-40 writers write a story, and then share it... what do the different stories, all based on the same key idea, then tell about the authors?
    this story was induced by the theme: "Union of Opposites" (max 25o words)
i am excited about both stories, the way they were induced by the themes in surprise ways. 250 is an interesting format, too - i just received this feedback on "Slices": "Faultless. The context is enough implied, but no more than necessary, for the scene to resonate outside its few sentences." - which made me realize that the 250 word limit is in fact a really helpful means that dares you to double-check every line, and get to the core of the story. following the muse mood, i now signed up for Folded Word's "24/7" -- daily tasks of writing in August, in twitter fiction / prose poetry / short poetry / micro fiction / flash fiction format . i am curious myself now for the poems and stories this task will induce.


Jessie Carty said...

Still so tempted to join one of these projects because I think word limits and structure reallynforce me to focus. Just not sure I'm gonna have timevin august with my first teaching gig starting up :(

Dorothee Lang said...

that's difficult timing - and i see that daily would be really tough then. but maybe the weekly 52/250 task would work?

Katherine Nabity said...

Both are excellent. I'm sorry I missed "White" last week, and "Slices" tells so much story in so few words! Very well done.

Dorothee Lang said...

Katherine ~ thanks. the only problem i now have with the 2 stories that i raised the bar for myself on a high level with them. i guess i will do a fun-silly story for next week for a change.

Michelle Elvy said...

Wonderful, Dorothee! So glad to see you flashing. I love the challenge, and I love your stories! -Michelle