Thursday, August 5, 2010

rain garden edit

(click pictures for larger size.)

it's rainy. the perfect weather to "edit" the garden - there were 2 flowers that were squeezed in between others. yesterday i moved them, something that is a bit tricky when flowers are in the blooming phase. but it went well. the first is a flox, the second a hortensia.

make sure to click the pics for the full size. both the flox and the hortensia develop petals that consist of tiny petals, and in both pictures you can see the tiny ones in different stages of bloom. (and now i just looked for the correct words, and learned that a petal actually is a part of the corolla of a flower... more here: petal/wiki)


Jessie Carty said...

i wish i could garden. i am TERRIBLE at it :)

Rose Hunter said...

I love the idea of "editing a garden!" (The idea that is; I'm like Jessie, not a good/interested gardener....)