Wednesday, August 18, 2010


today to come: an excursion to Stuttgart (about 20 miles from here), where europe's largest building site is being started - and is raising large and surprise and ongoing public protest against this project that was planned 10 years ago, lost its reason on the way, and now turned into a monster both in size and costs and handling. "it's a great project - we are going to built this - it's too late to change plans now" politicians keep stating in response to the protest (loads of money involved, too, there). emotions and interests keep raging since weeks. and that in a region that isn't known for protest.

connected to that, i will stop by at a museum, hopefully.

will report back.

i'm a bit in a strange mood this morning. wondering about the way i am taking, wondering if i got the right direction. wondering about the world in general. then, as if in a cheer-up gesture from the land of words, i stopped by at the blueprint-blogroll. and found this note on what i am doing, seen from the other side: two2. -- thanks for this, today.

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Jean said...

I'm so happy to be a cheer-up gesture on a day of difficult thoughts - hurrahs from here in London most sincerely meant!