Sunday, September 12, 2010

currently reading... "Stone Wall Truth" + "Death"

today, i read 2 stories that both cross the line between life and death.

the first is "Stone Wall Truth" - a short story by Caroline M. Yoachim, first published in Asimov's Science Fiction in print, and now also available online: Stone Wall Truth. i arrived at the story through a blog entry by Jason Sanford, who listed the story as a great example of SciFi Strange, and said: "The story is as mind-blowing--and disturbing--as science fiction can get." and it is. mindblowing. i'd call it 'meta fiction'. highly recommended.

the other story is "Death" -a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, a spin-off from his series "Sandman". the central figure of Sandman is Morpheus - the personified Lord of Dreams, who has several siblings: Desire, Destiny, Death, ... (more on the Sandman series)

the central figure of "Death" is, well, Death - who is spending some time under the living: "Once in a hundred years, Death takes the shape of a human, to savour the bitter taste of reality." - one fascinating element of the graphic novels is the shape Gaiman choose for the characters, especially for Death: a beautiful, humorous, fascinating young woman in black clothes. see the comic-frame below:

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