Friday, November 25, 2011

nueva york (Nov 2010)

saturday morning and it's new snow. a week ago, i still was in Lanzarote, this place of black sand and vulcanoe fields. that's where the image above is from: a view of the Timanfaya National Park. the southern sun, for once overcast. the vulcanoes quiet - or "tranquilo", as the Spanish say.

tranquilo was also the state of my writing while there, and the state of the web connection. it was good, to have these days. there was one thing that tempted me to write, though: the next 52/250 theme: "urban convert" - together with a Spanish copy of the lifestyle magazine Marie Claire, it made me sit in the shade and pen an urban poem:


Nueva York

They change style overnight

Reinvent themselves, merge

aaaaaaaaa Tradición y future

Check in and out of clubs, hotels, lounges

Always on the hunt for

aaaaaaaaa La look muy chic -

They walk down avenues, cross paths in perfect timing

aaaaaaaaaToday: fashionista ultraclásico

aaaaaaaaaTomorrow: fantasía urbania

Their secret code: la nouveau parfum malicieux

Their destination: unbranded


the poem includes Spanish fashionista terms. they form an own metropolitan language almost, those glossy fashion style words. the title of the december Marie Claire itself was: "Navidad Cool". "Navidad" is "Christmas" in Spanish, a word that popped up more and more during the stay, as people started to put up christmas decoration and happy "Feliz Navidad" signs. the magazine also included a travel section, and that's where i found the title of the urban poem: New York in Spanish actually changes into "Nueva York".

buenos dias ~

PS: the poem is now part of the urban issue: "Nueva York".
PSS, a year later: and this photo is now my contribution for photo friday "Rugged"'
PSSS: more about Lanzarote, the place i return to tomorrow, right above this photo


J. M. Strother said...

Spain is one of the places I'd love to go to some day. I think it's a place I'd have to allot a generous amount of time time to really soak it in. Lovely picture.

Rose Hunter said...

La look muy chic -!

I love it! :)