Friday, December 17, 2010

words + feathers + a gathering

in the snail mail this week: wonderful books.
Rose Hunter's first poetry collection to the river - 2 of the poems have previously been published in BluePrintReview, and i talked with Rose about the book in an author talk. so great to see the book now in print - it is beautiful, and came with a little extra: a stamp story by Hosho McCreesh, as part of the mlp stamp stories project.

Christine Rhein's poetry collection "Wild Flight" (feature to follow in s-Press). so glad this book arrived - we had thought it lost already. i "met" Christine through qarrtsiluni's crowd-issue, which included both my Nikolaikirche-moment and Christine's poem Sparrow's, Poet's Deaths.

also in the mail: Michael J. Solender's collection of very short prose and stories Last Winter's Leaves, published by FullofCrow, which came with a crow-booksign. i hadn't realized the feathered connection between the books until i laid them out to take a picture.

and more words and crowds:
now up in 52/250: a get-together of authors who all "Missed the Bus". my missed-bus-story is "Token" - it's based on a dream fragment.

and starting to grow in photo friday: a visual "Gathering".


Rose Hunter said...

Hola! So glad you received it! That was quick, I think. Hey, I like that original web journals thing you're doing. I was about to hunt back on Facebook to find that link so I could "like" it, and then I saw this....

Now I will have to take a look at that other feather cover.... :)

Rose Hunter said...

Ah, there it is. The internet a bit slow here; the photo took a while to come up!

Dorothee Lang said...

yes, "to the river" arrived really quick! didn't expect it already, such a good surprise!

Michael Solender said...

Woot. I always wanted to "make it" in the European market, thanks for helping me reach that goal!