Friday, January 21, 2011

trees & h.owl

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the new photo friday is: trees. which seems to be a re-occuring theme these days for me, and already has an own tag in this blog.

and more trees: the new 52/250 flash issue is up, the theme was "animal behaviour", and the story i have in it is set in a forest. it's short, but comes with 2 layers. here's a copy & paste. enjoy~


She sat in ant.icipation, watched a It was her first night vigil. By daylight, she had laughed the task away. I’m no cow.ard, she had stated.

She swallow.ed. Fact was, the night had a fourth, fur.ious dimension, there, next to the r.eal river. And just like her, the forest, so calm at noon, now was dealing with its own moving bear.ings.


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