Tuesday, February 22, 2011

contrasts + china

the new theme of photo friday is contrast. old and new, i thought. sky and earth. color and black. and then remembered this very pink moment from Vienna: Museumsquartier. that's right in the centre of Vienna. a different view of the same place is online in elimae: Sezession21.

and more contrasts to come: the upcoming edition of the language / place blog carnival is now under construction. it will be hosted by Jean Morris, who has a photo up in her blog today that is like a prelude for the carnival: Through the gallery window. i have visited some of the contributions already, and am excited about this carnival edition. the gallery photo also speaks to me as it reflects my state of coordinating a project, seeing it through a window while it reaches completion, yet not being part of the editing myself.

and one more link, to a very different place: a new blog from a friend who went to China, to study there for some months: Waiguo Xuesheng - Losing my Soul in China.

which made me think that i never did this: living in another country for a while, surrounded by a language that i don't understand. and so i double enjoy the view through this window named blog.

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