Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hundertwasser + long(ing)

the new issue of 52/250 is up - the theme this time: long distance.

my contribution to it is a poem, long(ing), which happens to have turned into the starting piece for the issue. which is a first time. right above it, the issue artwork: "Ode to Hundertwasser" by Jana Heise, who lives in New Zealand. it made me think of the Hundertwasser-house in the next town, so i browsed files, and then played with the image, to enhance the structures.

an unedited version of the image is up earlier in this blog, it also includes a clue to the meaning of "hundertwasserhaus"


Jean said...

I love Hundertwasser. Whenever I go to Vienna I insist on dragging my embarrassed and puzzled Viennese friends on a visit to the Hundertwasser flats and on buying something in the tourist gift shop. His buildings make me feel happy - with so much ugly and soulless architecture around us, bright colours and fantastical shapes feel precious.

Karyn said...

Stunning colors in your photo :-)