Wednesday, March 30, 2011

collab synergy & this curved line of balance

yesterday, the BluePrintReview collab issue launched. it's a different issue - larger and more complex than the previous ones. and very poetic. the first 3 pages are poetry/art combinations. one of the poems includes Daniela Elza, who already blogged about the issue, here: all together now.

so good to see those reflections in words. i am too wrapped up in the issue still to reflect on it from a distance. but i went and collected the first feedback, it's up in the re: synergy page, and it's great to see the collab issue start to move and appear in distant places.

and a muse story:
today is a day i had planned nicely. this step in project 1, then that step in project 2, and so on. and then, while sipping my second cup of coffee, my muse came up with a lovely idea. for a contest that i had given up on - or rather: hadn't even seen myself taking part in, as i didn't have an idea. so here it is: the idea. the "only" tiny challenge now is the timing.  the contest deadline is: tomorrow.
and so here i am, wondering once more about the power of deadlines, the creative process, and the strange place where ideas grow, and the ways they take. and try to find this curved line of balance between plans and open creative space.

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