Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kaffee Katmandu & time & the world

last year in March, Karyn Eisler interviewed me at her blog Living ?s - we talked about project-juggling, time-management, creativity vs. organization, the 2 sides i have, and travel. now Kaffee Katmandu picked up the interview, and featured it. thanks to Marcus Speh for the feature! so interesting to revisit those questions and answers.

it’s really a strange weekend: all the sunshine, blue sky, drive to lake constance, terrace + garden time yesterday, the Katmandu feature, the upcoming trip to Leipzig book fair.

and parallel to it, the ongoing tragic news from Japan.

will go and light a candle now.


E♦B said...

Dear Dorothee: We missed this interview - so it was good to see and read! A pleasure to learn a little bit about the people such as you whom we work with in the virtual world. Sincerely, Gregory and Fredericka

daniela elza said...

I agree there is a need to feel in charge at all expense.

A more courteous way to approach this is to acknowledge how much is beyond our control and our comprehension. Curious what kind of world it will be if our actions were informed that way.