Wednesday, March 16, 2011

upcoming: Leipzig Book Fair + into the East

today to come: Leipzig, where the Leipzig Book Fair will take place from tomorrow until Sunday - focus themes are: Central + Eastern Europecomics+mangas, and of course, e-books and new books 2011.

when things work as planned, i will do some live blogging from the book fair for one of my freelance projects, and also blog a bit here in virtual notes. looking forward to being there.

for a bit more about Leipzig, scroll down to the next post, it's a travelogue from the first visit, which also was the first trip into the East side of Germany: East West Real Life

PS: and as always, a part of me longs to be there already, while another part would rather stay at home, here, in this place of comfort and safety, with my desk and projects, an easy connection to the web, and a garden in front of the door.

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Dorothee Lang said...

and here's a peek into the freelance blogging i will do there - it's for a comic community project: