Sunday, April 3, 2011

100 >Language >Place experiences

sunday. and i just visited the next rooms of the new language + place carnival - which comes in the shape of a museum for this edition. big thanks to Parmanu for hosting this edition and for finding this special shape for it. and a second thanks for contacting all former hosts with a Q&A of their hosting experience.

i'm also included in the Q&A - and writing about my own hosting experience made me first return to the start of the carnival, and then look at the stream of editions in its entity. which first brought the collage above - and then, following it, a neat milestone of a calculation:

"With edition #5 going online, there will be more than 100 language/place contributions altogether, from around the world: 100 shared personal experiences of dealing with language in a specific place – and of encountering a place in a specific language. Thinking of it that way, this has turned into quite a cyber journey already, reaching out to places where other languages are spoken, and the streets have another tune."

a new, neat list of all editions is now also online here: >Language >Place editions + links

enjoy the experiences ~

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