Saturday, April 30, 2011

island time

tomorrow this time (when all works out as planned), i will be in Spain, on Mallorca island. the forecast is mixed: sun on sunday, rain on monday, sun on tuesday. then, hopefully, a stable high developing.

it feels good, to have some mediterranean time upcoming, right now at the start of may.  and like always, i wished i had some extra days before leaving. and at the same time, i wished i was there already, at the ocean. i’ll have the laptop with me, but apart from some photo posts and travel notes, i probably will go into a bit of web-retreat for the time there.

buenos dias :)

PS: and just in time for the leaving, i have a story up in the new "home, sweet home" issue of 52/250:
Home and the Road - the story (easy to notice) is based on a real memory of travelling through Rajasthan.

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susan said...

Have a most wonderful, relaxing, enjoyable, inspiring vacation, Dorothee!