Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Paris by chance #27

one of the learnings of big cities: it's easier to go with the flow and to come across places without searching than to find a specific place. i browsed the streets of Montparnasse, looking for Shakespeare bookshop, the meeting place for the next day. and expected it to be in a side street. so i searched and searched. found various other things, among them a mosaic graffiti, a thai restaurant where i had dinner later, and a manga shop, with friendly stuff, who finally pointed me into the right direction: right across Notre Dame. with river view. who would expect that? (which now leads to another learnings: ask. really, people are helpful, and chances are, they make searching and finding much easier.)

to get back to my hotel near Gare St. Lazare, i took a bus. which deliverered, without searching for it: views of Pont Neuf bridge and the Louvre at night, with glass pyramide view. the bus with this pitoresque route is #27, which arrived at the stop before the one i had initially planned to take, #21. chance!

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Diana said...

That's not just any graffiti: it's Invader. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invader_(artist)

I took the same picture last year near Shakespeare and Company, then a few weeks later saw him in Banksy's documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop."

Invader, Banksy, and Mr. Brainwash (the subject of the film and Invader's cousin) go to Disneyland Paris, and get arrested.