Friday, July 15, 2011

Paris, revisited (or: the notes that got lost)

i am back home. and first went into the garden and then jogging, to arrive. now i am unpacking bags. the photo above is a still life of my journey to Paris: museum pass, travel guides + city maps, books i had with me or came across, a photo print, museum brochures...

to my surprise, i saw that the automatic blogging-per-mobile that i used only delivered the photos from Paris, not the accompanying text. which is still the better option than delivering the text, but not the photo. and which now suggests the next steps of this blog: to  revisit those posts-from-the-road in the next days, to add the original text, and the larger versions of the images.

that ways, i can also revisit this trip that i am still overwhelmed by - so many sights encounters moments reflections streets sounds thoughts images in 3 days. the first ones are online already, they seemed so fitting for this day of arrival: leaving + 3 2 1 hours to Paris.

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