Friday, July 1, 2011

Worlds Apart, coming together

places and words and pages are coming together these days, in a beautiful constellation of time:
today, it's July first. and: new moon.

and the manuscript for the book that is in the making since months... is now at the printer, for a first test print run, to check how images come out in print, and also, to proofread and finetune. so great to receive this mail from Jessi at Folded Word:

Re: cover in dropbox
Files are now officially uploaded to the printer.

the "Dropbox" in the mail header relates to a webtool that came in handy now in the final stage of pulling the manuscript together, and of working with images. here's the software description: "Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily."

in the 2 images above, you can see the final cover, and the pages in layout stage from a week ago: the images in low resolution are still framed with a layout frame, the image at the bottom gives an idea of how the final layouts will look like. the book reaches from Europe to Asia in its narrative between 2 worlds.

and now it will be .. waiting. for Paris. yes. for when all works out, Jessi and i will meet in Paris in 11 days (see post below)- and she will have a first proof copy of the book with her. whic is so very fitting for a novel named "WOR(L)DS APART".

can't wait. can't wait. can't wait.

and so good that the webpage for the book is rather far already, so we now can focus on the pages. here's the web link, with notes and an excerpt: "WOR(L)DS APART - The Intersecting Journeys of 2 Friends"


Rose Hunter said...

This looks fabulous! So exciting! :) ++

Dropbox saved my behind when my computer crashed.

Paris! You will visit an arrondissement! :)

Dorothee Lang said...

Thanks! Yes, it's an exciting time and a fabulous combination: the world book leading to Paris.

I should try and refresh some of the phrases i once learned at school.

Je suis trés excited.

Rose Hunter said...

Je m'appelle Adel is all I remember (grade 7 French). And assorted nonsense. je voodrai un pomme.