Saturday, August 13, 2011

blueprintreview vulcano linkaroo

the Challenge issue of BluePrintReview is now moving into the second half of pages. i have an image in it, too: "Tiagua", combined with Ray Scanlon's story "Sixty-One".

below, the original image, it's from Lanzarote island.

there's another Lanzarote image in an earlier edition, which is combined with Rose Hunter's poem "Agave". Agave doesn't direclty relate to elements, yet has a line that points at unbecoming landscapes: "you would be / out of your element here too"

and more vulcanoes: in the current "poetry of place" edition of the language/place carnival, Rose has a poem titled: "Vulcanology".

for more vulcanoes and other Lanzarote landcapes, try: virtualnotes/Lanzarote


Rose Hunter said...

Thank you Dorothee, how nice!

I like the idea of unbecoming landscapes....

Dorothee Lang said...

i looked for the right word here, and didn't find it first - then thesaurus offered a choice, and one of them was unbecoming. which was so perfect, with the slight double meaning.