Monday, August 1, 2011

Soundzine: "Luck"

the new issue of Soundzine is online - it's the "Lucky Issue 13".

i feel luckily to have a poem accepted for it. the name of it simply is: "Luck". the thought behind it is a bit more complex. just like the story behind the issue, which shone through in the mail i received in July:

".. As you may have noticed, we are late. I apologize for not being in contact sooner. When we chose Luck as our theme, we had no idea we'd be tempting the bad luck gods of every planet to pay us a visit! It's been rough all the way around but we have recovered, rerouped and are fully commited to Issue 13".

reading it made me think of the Ganesha - the Hindu God of Obstacles. the legend has it that Ganesha will keep handing obstacles to people. and you can try to sidestep them, but he then will hand you the same kind of obstacle again. Ganesh isn't a mean God, though: the obstacles are his invitation or challenge you to grow. and he chooses them in a way that you have the inner power to overcome them. here's more about him: wiki/Ganesha.

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

congrats on your poem.

and on accomplishing the feat
of putting out a magazine- wow
that's my dream.