Wednesday, November 30, 2011

roads, turns, reads

"This feels like driving through Arizona," i noted today. Not that i've ever been there. But it's how i imagine it: a huge empty landscape of sunburned fields. Of course, it's not Arizona but Lanzarote: drive for another 40 miles, and you are at the northern end of the island.

the drive along those roads also connects to the books i am reading - the first is “Netzticket” by Sten Nadolny. "a road movie on rails," announces the backcover: the story of a journey without itienary, based on buying a train ticket that is valid for the whole of Germany, for one month. the muliple options of travel bring multiple questions - and also, an openness to explore:
"Vielleicht hätte ich schon umsteigen sollen. Es taucht die Frage auf: was mache ich dann um diese Zeit in diesem Ort? Aber das ist es gerade, was ich wissen will. Erst wenn man einmal ohne jedes Ziel an einem Ort war, dann weiß man, was daraus werden kann."
"Maybe I should have changed trains already. The question arises: what will I do at this place at that time? But that's exactly what I want to know. Only if you have been to a place without aim, you will know how it will be."

And today I started to read “Turn left at the Trojan Horse” by Brad Herzog, which is “a would-be hero’s American odyssey”, with a Kerouac quote on page 9, which comes in 1 paragraph with a Socrates quote:
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
“The road is life.”
To which Herzog concludes as he starts his drive: “Some combustible combination of the two notions is the spark of my mission.”

more roads to come, tomorrow.

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