Monday, November 14, 2011

Time & Space - Mixitini Matrix

Mixitini Matrix is a new multigenre and multidisciplinary journal of creative collaboration. The first issue is online now.

Time & Space
The cover is titled "Time & Space" and is set up as a photo-roundabout - if you click on the smaller images, they enlarge and move into centre. So exciting to see those visuals online, here's the note that explains why:

"This summer, the 100 Days Project gathered artist and writers in a creative joint effort to make, remake, shape and reshape, inspired by other participants. Both Dorothee Lang (at participation) and Julia Davies (at 100 Magpie Days) participated in the project, and based some of their works on the other's days. After the 100 Days ended, the spark of creative inspiration moved on between them, leading to the Time Space series."

2 Layers
And there's more! 2 new images of the "Layers" series are included in this issue, too:
Sand Sky and Camel Road.

The images belong to a longer line of work that is based on 2 layers: a pairing of contrasting images from different continents, merged into a single layer to show a reality disparate from any that truly exists. Yet some pairings unite global parallels, while others show distinctions between the places that form this world.

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