Sunday, December 18, 2011

in a window, on a road

2 island photos, for the new photo friday theme "Meditative"

the first is a double window reflection. the photo is taken from inside through a window - the white wall and the palm tree are the real outside, and the yellow reflection is showing the view towards the sunset side of the sky, hence the color.

and the other is a simple road photo. LZ-1 stands for Lanzarote island road 1 - it leads up to the Northern end of the island, along the shore. a great road to just drive and reflect.

for more Lanzarote sights, try this tag: life as a journey with photo friday moments. the latest 3 entries are from the island: Depth Perception, Hervideros Birds (with another road included), and Nueva York.

more photo meditations:
some links to photo meditations from other photo friday contributors. more than 150 images are up already. i browsed some, and arrived at this beautiful spot of My Zen and at this Quiet Morning. clicking on, i arrived at something that either is also a window reflection, or a 2layer photo: Location Zug - Schweiz. clicking on from there, i arrived at a blog about Peru by the same photographer. South America, it seems to be a theme i keep coming across these days, just like the zen / meditation theme itself, like in the post below from Thursday: ...Zen Mind Radish Teachings. the Meditative theme directly connected to it.

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