Thursday, January 19, 2012

today: Munich (+ rain)

today to come: a short trip to Munich. will do some live-blogging from there, when things work out. one thing that already isn't working out, though, is the weather: it was blue sunny sky for days - just until yesterday. now skies switched.

it's a 2,5-hour drive when traffic is okay. i just put an audio-book in my bag, will see how that works (German author: „Von allem Anfang an“ by Christoph Hein). will see how that feels, to drive and listen

one of the things i hope to see, inspired by Rose Hunter's Judd tumblr: Judd's boxes in the New Pinakothek. they have a permanent Donald Judd room, a photo is up in the Judd-Box-Tumblr already.

more notes, places & snaphots: to follow.

btw, the photo above is from a previous trip to Munich, that was in summer - with the Biergartens open and the weather almost too good to be true. so seen like that, in the global balance of things, the clouds today are fitting. well. or, at least they brought stone #17 of my river of stones.

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