Sunday, March 18, 2012

140 places to unwind + a me/mory

the new theme of photo friday is Unwind.

140 unwinding moments are online already: Umbrellas from Mexico + Umbrellas from Florida, Dias from Lisbon, Morning Light from Saguaro National Park in Arizona, Après-Midi in Japan... seems photo friday is getting more and more international. so good.

for an unwinding scroll, here are all moments via the Unwinding Link Viewer - just click on any link on the left and the image appears directly on the right side.

my unwind is #141: a pair of photos from Lanzarote island. it's the same place, and it's actually just some metres between the 2 views. here's the second view, with a thought line from january:


This time of now, of me/mory, of sketching
a rough plan/e and finding a feather in the s/ink


and looking at the jetty now also takes me back to those other places from Lanzarote:
life as a journey that sometimes leads to Lanzarote

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