Thursday, April 12, 2012

11 days

[island diary entry, kind of. only that the island is still lingering at the horizon. and writing about it lets it take a slightly clearer shape.]

11 days to the island. outside, here (and there): rain.

it's an April of wrong timing. snow for Easter. rain for the weekend. sudden sun during a wednesday. and weather reports that change on a half-daily basis. all the satellites up there, and still, nothing we really can know for sure.

the best way to catch the sun these days seems to run into it. and then, remain in that spot as long as it lasts. and: to take an umbrella. for the time afterwards, when the sun switches to rain again.

still, it's okay. rather have the rain at home as on the island. and it's not the skies that hands down the timing of the weekends. it's us, folding the week in 7-square-patterns that continue over and over on end.

today was kind: i went to the spa, the sky overcast. but then a gap of blue sky arrived. it was like someone turned a light switch: the sun full on. the sky gap, azur. i stood, then realized that there are benches some metres further. so i went there. looked up. closed the eyes. in the middle of the city, next to a road, near a water fountain: an island of sun. a five-minute island.

and a thought, there: maybe it's no coincidence that i returned to my photo blog 2 weeks ago, and now post one photo per day, from different places, but not at random: each photo picks up an element of the previous one. sometimes i get stuck, and return a step, and switch images - take another direction.

seen from that bench, the photos form an own journey of images that all come from different place, but connect in a new way now. so in some ways, i am travelling already, i guess.

which lead to a question: will i continue the photo blog in that way while on the island - or turn to current photos from the same day while there? - and: why is this photo blog suddenly so important, after it was hibernating since January?

questions and questions.

and this:

a thought while swimming:
to be like water


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